Welcome to Wildflower Farm!

Quality Horse Boarding, Lessons, and Training

Wildflower Farm offers the following:

Boarding Rates -

  • Paddock & Pasture Board start at $200 per month per horse. Multiple horse discounts are available to owners with multiple horses.
  • Stall Board starts at $325 per month per horse.
  • Short term, Lay-Up, and Over Night boarding is also available, contact us for rates.

Training Fee - $20.00 Per Session + Monthly Board (you tell us how many times per week you want your horse ridden)
Riding Lessons:

Group Rate:     $25/hr
Private Rate:     $30/hr   $35/ our horse

We always start all the beginners, no matter what age, on at least 1 or 2 private lessons for safety reasons.

Advantages To Private Lessons:

  • More individual time for your dollar
  • Beginners get individual attention to ensure a good riding foundation on control and safety before being introduced to the group
  • Advanced riders get individual attention on specific areas that need work
  • Great for someone who's experienced a horse related accident and may be fearful

Advantages To Group Lessons: (riders should be at the same riding level)
  • Able to desensitize horse and rider to a crowd
  • Builds friendships
  • Participants are able to watch and communicate thoughts and ideas to each other

Open Show Fees
to be paid previous to or day of show
  • Fee for using our horse and show tack - $35 per day. Additional show expenses include Entry Fees, Stalling & Bedding, Transportation, and Coaching. It is up to the client/student to provide appropriate show attire.
  • Day charge for coaching at show - $25
  • Day charge for showing/riding your horse - $35/you pay show fees
  • Mileage - .45/mile round trip
  • Hauling 1.00/mile round trip, $25 minimum
  • Show groom for horse - $50/with your help $25
  • Motel and or tack stall is split among clients with showing or schooling horses

Evaluating Sale Horses - $25

Judging Fee:    4-H Certified - $275/day + expenses